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Afghan Support

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Afghan Support

Funding will support the movement and resettlement of displaced persons in Afghanistan.

Anyone who follows the news knows that following the awkward withdrawal of allied military forces from Afghanistan, the Taliban gained control of the entire nation. This action put at risk anyone who is a Christian believer or who was engaged in the support of the prior government. So great efforts have been made by some governments and many non-government organizations (“NGOs”).

The strategic actions include but are not limited to:

1. Helping certain people make their way OUT of Afghanistan and into a refugee situation, via either surface travel or aircraft.

2. Providing basic life-need support to certain people who are unable to get out of Afghanistan, and similar assistance to those out but not yet in a safe and sustained refugee situation.

3. Assisting certain refugees who are able to enter the United States with their transition into this culture and economy. This type of support will be the most long-term of any of the elements of this program, and may include local sponsorship of immigrants by churches or individuals, ESL training for adults and children, and job acquisition for workers.


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