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I gave my life to Jesus in April of 2010 when a girl who invited me to a Small Group gave a Bible to me. The church I attended was following a One Year Bible Reading Plan. Though I had no idea what I was reading, I read my Bible daily. I looked forward to the pastor making passages in the Bible relatable each Sunday. Over the past decade I collected and currently own multiple Bibles in various translations. I have read the entire Bible several times.

I didn’t own a Study Bible until recently. Now, my understanding of God’s Word has increased dramatically. I am more eager to read and follow the supporting scriptures. His Word has come alive in very real and applicable ways.

Without study, Christians can let their love grow cold, and might even fall away. However, purchasing a Study Bible can be very expensive. Soul Hungry seeks to close this gap, for seasoned and growing believers, so that through Study Bibles they can dig deep into God’s Word.

The mission and vision for Soul Hungry is to raise funds to purchase and give away Study Bibles to people that are hungry to learn more and dive deeper into God’s Word. The more they understand God’s Word, the more confident they can be in their walk and ability to share their faith with others.

I pray that by offering this generous gift, their love for God and His Word would be set ablaze!

There are plenty of people who give free Bibles (milk & honey) to new believers, but the Soul Hungry mission is to give Study Bibles (whole steak and potato meal) for the mature in faith.

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