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Jason and Shawna Strickland have been actively engaged in some form of ministry for much of their married life. One of the great concerns that has gripped their hearts in the last few years is how to reach people that have broken fellowship with the Christian community as well as the many that for whatever reason may never step foot into a building called a church.

While studying through the book of Acts, Jason once again saw that the early church met in people’s homes as well as in the temple. It was during this era of the early church that many people came to faith and were activated as ambassadors for Christ.

Having been involved in small groups with various churches, they know God uses home based small groups to make great impacts in their lives and others. After considerable time in prayer, they knew that the next step in ministry for them was to venture out into planting churches in homes. They feel called to relocate from Texas to Washington state to begin this mission as soon as possible.

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