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KEYS to Seeking and Finding Church Support for Your Mission

Servants Of Christ Seeking Finding Church Support | ≪Strong≫Keys To Seeking And Finding Church Support For Your Mission≪/Strong≫ | Missions Support | Servants Of Christ International

Every person doing missionary work, whether short-term or long-term, whether based in the USA or around the world, has the same desire: to connect with churches so that they would provide mission support to their work. However, this is a dream that is not easily realized! Several challenges present themselves to any missionary asking any […]

What to Give a Missionary for Christmas 

What To Give A Missionary For Christmas

Oh mercy, what do you give as a gift to your friends who live thousands of miles away, or maybe they are local, but they are in that unique and peculiar career field of MISSIONS? Here’s a quick look at the kinds of ways to bless people like this – First, For Those Who Are […]