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Mejia, Jessi – Echo Reach Ministries

Our Story

Echo Reach Ministries is a ministry working in the red zones in Guatemala City, using soccer as a platform to bring the gospel of Christ to the children and youth. Using soccer we are able to open the doors to talk to them about Christ and work with them emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. We are currently reaching over 150 boys and girls on a weekly basis having formed Echo Reach Soccer League in the public schools.

After the children come to know Christ, our vision is to help them grow in their personal relationship with Him and pursue the purpose He has for them in their lives. There is so much negative influence in their lives with gangs, drugs and poverty that we as a ministry want to be a positive influence in their lives that overpowers that negative influence. As the gangs are actively recruiting these kids to do their dirty work, fooling them into believing they have family in them, Echo Reach is recruiting them for Jesus and giving them family in the body of Christ.

Jessi Bilodeau is the founder of the ministry which was formed in 2009. She has three children, James who is 4 years old, Elijah who is 9 years old, and Rachel who at the young age of 3 went home to Jesus. Jessi has always had a passion for soccer and kids and been involved with kids ministry since her teenage years.

She has done sports ministry in the U.S. and also was the children’s director at her home church in Colorado. God has placed a strong calling on her heart to help these vulnerable youth in the schools in Guatemala City that they may know Christ and His love for them and know that holding His hand there are options in life that are not drugs, or gangs. There is so much God is doing and so much vision for more to be done!

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