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Neshuro Caring Center

Our Story


This wonderful children’s home was thriving and developing until the tragic death of the founder, Nhamo Chigohi, in 2015. Following that tragic loss, the ministry suffered from a loss of leadership and while other good men did what they could over some short terms, the lack of continuity and communication to supporters caused the ministry to deteriorate.

Recently, in February of 2020, the board of directors re-affirmed Nhamo’s widow, Mrs. Shylet Chigohi, as the Director and Manager of the facility. Shylet is well-educated and has been at the center of the ministry for a long time. Now she is stepping up to provide overall leadership and desperately needs more partners as she oversees the care of 21 boys and 18 girls.

Nhamo Chigohi Foundation

A new “Trust” organization has been created – the Nhamo Chigohi Foundation. The board of directors of this trust will own and operate the Neshuro Caring Center — the orphanage.

FAQs about Neshuro Caring Center

  1. Do they have electricity? Most of the time, but it is less than reliable.
  2. Is there adequate water supply? Yes, from a well system on the property.
  3. Do they have a vehicle? Not at present; but others can be obtained when needed.
  4. Is there enough beds and furniture? No, but other needs are more urgent.
  5. Does the government help? Yes, with food supplies, but only on a temporary basis.
  6. Any need for a short term mission team to go? Always welcome, but now not a good time.

The single urgent need is for more monthly partners. Funds will go to purchase groceries, toiletries, clothes, cleaning supplies, school supplies.

Neshuro Hs | Neshuro Caring Center | Servants Of Christ International
Neshuro Hs | Neshuro Caring Center | Servants Of Christ International
| Neshuro Caring Center | Servants Of Christ International


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