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Our Story

Although our core ministry has been to serve the missionaries who are serving others (both locally and globally), at times we have received and transferred funds to disaster relief efforts and to people in financial crisis.

During 2013, SOCI was active in sending more than $ 10,000 of supplies to the relief of the Tacloban region in the Philippines, following the disaster of Typhoon Haiyan in November 2013. Our agents purchased and delivered water, rice, and a large number of tents, which were used as temporary housing for a number of months.

Donors may select this giving button to donate to a disaster relief project (if we have one active) or to simply place funds in our benevolence account. Our directors are in frequent touch with people in crisis.

Donors may also designate a specific person or family in need, and thus remain anonymous in their giving. However, when such designation is made, the contribution is NOT qualified for a “tax deduction” receipt.


Click the donate now button and select this program under the “designations” drop down.

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