Nonprofit Administrative Services For Missionary Fundraising

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth” Acts 1:8

Servants of Christ International (SOCI) provides administration services for believers, donors, short-term and part-time missionary-type workers serving Christ globally. As a partner of SOCI, the ACTS 108 program gives independent missionaries an official fundraising channel and administrative mission support services in the field through our 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

The ACTS 108 Financial Program

Mission Support Services with Confidence, Transparency, and Structure (ACTS)

501(c)3 Tax Status & Low-Cost Financial Administration

The ACTS 108 Financial Program from SOCI is for part-time missionaries and financial donors that need a way to raise and manage funds without the hassle of setting up a 501(c)3. Once our board approves a missionary, the ACTS 108 program gives them an official channel for fundraising through SOCI’s 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. ACTS 108 allows donors to make tax-deductible donations as charitable giving, earmarked to individual missionary programs and mission field or cause they’re passionate about.

Beyond the 501(c)3 structure, The ACTS 108 program provides financial administration and oversight at a nominal cost to the missionary. These services allow both the missionary and the financial supporters to focus confidently on serving people and sending hope – and leave the financial accounting headaches to us.

SOCI’s 501(c)3 program is designed to help missionaries and organizations who desire to be transparent and effectively steward the generosity of supporters through a decentralized approach. In addition, this gives donors the comfort of knowing that their giving directly supports independent mission programs.

Donations go directly to supporting:

  • Respective missions
  • Missionary families
  • Administrative tasks
  • Reducing the challenges of mission work
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Empowering Those Who Are Called By God

SOCI exists to empower volunteers and faith-supported missionaries by providing financial, administrative assistance for those called by God and sent by their supporters under our nonprofit ACTS 108 program. 

We believe the most incredible and impactful days of our ministry lie just ahead, and we are anticipating a significant increase in our ability to minister through “Serving People—Sending Hope.” We live out this motto every day by assisting missionaries and allocating resources where needed from supportive donors. 

Fast & Simple Application Process

We keep our application process simple so you can focus on doing God’s work.  

Step 1

Complete an application to the ACTS108 program

Step 2

Complete an Interview with two of our
board members

Step 3

Sign the SOCI's Letter of Agreement

A Couple Representing Joe And Jane Doe, Two Individuals Who Were Positively Impacted By The International Christian Missionaries Supported By Servants Of Christ International


From Our Missionaries...

“I’m a retired pastor living in Guatemala. Servants of Christ International has enabled me to create income for women living in Mayan villages by making their textiles available in the US. Plus, by operating a dress store, we have been able to support a feeding program and the local fire department by buying gas for their trucks.”

Want To Support A Missionary?

Our vision is that SOCI be a place to give with confidence, knowing that your charitable contributions are channeled to the right ministry, ministries, and causes you care about. When you know that your financial contributions directly impact the community, you can give freely and follow God’s lead.  Every dollar and incoming donation we receive goes towards missionary fundraising and missionaries in need of financial funding to spread the Word of God.

About Servants of Christ International

Since 1987, SOCI has successfully partnered with 100+ clients and moved more than $4,000,000 to the global mission field through our organization. As a mission organization that supports independent missionaries, our 501(c)3 ACTS 108 model has been a launching point for ministries to grow into their own and operate independently. 

Over the years, about 80 different people qualified and served in missions under this program. Today, about 61 are still active, including several who live on other continents, continuing to spread God’s word and impact the lives of others. 

We believe the greatest and most impactful days of our ministry lie just ahead, and we are anticipating a rapid surge in our ability to minister through “Serving People—Sending Hope.” We invite you to join us! 

Free Download

Fundraising Starter Kit For Missionaries

  • How to stay connected with donors and supporters
  • What topics to address in your letters and emails
  • How to approach new Churches
  • How to keep in regular contact even once they’ve given.
  • How to design attractive emails, social media posts, and more!
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