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Financial Administration for Donors and Missionaries Serving Christ Globally

Serving People - Sending Hope

Serving People Sending Hope

International Mission Fundraising
Administration from Home

Servants of Christ International (SOCI) enables believers, donors, short-term or part-time missionary-type workers to fulfill their calling confidently by providing financial administration services for volunteers and faith-supported missionaries with the credibility of a 501(c)3.

Advocating for the
“Not-Full-Time” Missionary

Just as full-time professional missionaries rely on critical finances and funding to power their global missions, so also do part-time and short-term believers doing missions work. Both groups need the administration to take their work from concept to reality.

SOCI provides that support to the part-time, short-term workers and donors who have partners overseas or ministries state-side. Also, we serve local churches who do not wish to transfer funds globally on their own, partnering with them to help them be effective in the ministry God’s called them to do.

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How we Help Missionaries & their Donors

The Acts108 Program

SOCI is a tax-deductible 501(c)3 organization providing financial administration services to donors and ministries who spread Christ’s love, mercy, and saving grace to those worldwide. While we don’t directly send missionaries out into the field, we provide our ACTS108 program which helps mitigate the financial challenges of missions donations and fundraising. 

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Become A Missionary

We make it simple for you to get administrative and financial assistance within your mission. We promise to provide the highest degree of financial administration possible to those who go out and give to Christ’s mission to bring the gospel to all people. 

We will continuously operate with biblical truth and financial responsibility as our foundation. Our 501(c)3 ACTS108 program provides administrative services at a low cost to our partners.

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Give To A missionary

Our vision is that Servants of Christ International be a place to give with confidence, knowing that your charitable contributions would be channeled to the right ministry or ministries. When you know that your financial contributions directly impact the community, you can give freely and follow God’s lead. 

We operate with a commitment to honesty and financial transparency as our core values. Our 501(c)3 program gives you the ability to give freely to missionaries in need of financial funding and spread the Word of God globally at the lowest possible cost.

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From Our Missionaries...

“We are grateful to be part of such a wonderful nonprofit that focuses on being part of the solutions the world needs. They are intelligent and purposeful in pursuing the best change they can produce. They are fiscally responsible and are careful that funds are used to accomplish the goals for which they are raised.”

Joe and Jane Doe, Namibia

About Servants of Christ International

Since 1987, SOCI has successfully partnered with 100+ clients and moved more than $4,000,000 to the global mission field through our organization. As a mission organization that supports independent missionaries, our 501(c)3 ACTS108 model has been a launching point for ministries to grow into their own and operate independently. 

Over the years, about 80 different people qualified and served in missions under this program. Today, about 61 are still active, including several who live on other continents, continuing to spread God’s word and impact the lives of others. 

We believe the greatest and most impactful days of our ministry lie just ahead, and we are anticipating a rapid surge in our ability to minister through “Serving People—Sending Hope.” We invite you to join us!

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