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Luque, Dani – Lead our Youth

Our Story

Lead our Youth

Ministry Goals

I want to help build the Church and its impact to the community around it with a higher multi-ethnic perspective and approach. By bringing my cultural background and experience living in the U.S., plus receiving the preparation at Denver Seminary to be theologically prepared and emotionally and spiritually mature, I want to work with those who are marginalized and powerless in society both inside and outside the local church walls.

I want to work with multicultural groups of Young Adults and Youth, whose identity often seems misled by the lack of proper leadership guidance. I want to do missions in a country in poverty so I can create opportunity projects for “the least of these” while I preach the gospel, for a holistic approach and incarnational ministry.

Additionally, I can see how God is preparing to do ministry in a more holistic way, since currently I am the volunteer Director of Audio Visual and Young Adult Assistant at a multicultural church plant in the South West area of Denver, where I am in charge of all the technological area of the church as well as assisting the Young Adult pastor in all activities using my bilingual skills to be effective in both areas.

Personal Testimony

As most Latinos, I was born in a Catholic family (mostly by culture rather than actual devotion), however, thanks to my mom who always took me to church and tried to show me who God is, I have been involved at church from an early age. Later, it became a personal decision for me to attend and serve at the local Parish of my neighborhood since I was seven years old. For over 15 years, I served at the Catholic church in multiple capacities like Christmas Advent, helping in the mass, renovating the church, preparing Holy Week, leading our children, feeding people in extreme poverty and visiting abandoned elders in our community and others. Growing up without much parents’ supervision, my brothers and I were free to do whatever we wanted most of the time… and I always chose to go to church. This was my safe place to be at and always “do” things for God and others.

Dani Luque

Danilson Luque Soci Pic 650 | Luque, Dani – Lead Our Youth | Servants Of Christ International


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