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DeGuzman, Danzena – Aeta Pastors

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Danzena Deguzman | Deguzman, Danzena – Aeta Pastors | Servants Of Christ International


A missionary focused to serve the Aeta Pastors at Mt Pinatubo, Philippines.  There are 150+ Aeta villages in the provinces of Zambales, Tarlac and Pampanga, which surrounds Mt Pinatubo.  At this moment, the ministry supports 90+ Aeta Pastors to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the remote areas.  Annually, Danzena brings a mission team from the US to serve the Aeta villages and hold a Pastors’ conference at Aidan Farm, San Jose, Tarlac to bring encouragement and hope.  The ministry focuses on building chapels and parsonages, install drinking water projects and raising funds to provide monthly stipends to the Aeta Pastors.

Video introduction to the Aeta Pastors’ Program:


Visit our website “Friends of the Aetas” which was developed to help donors get information on the specific projects at Mt Pinatubo.

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Meet Missionaries Critical Needs | Deguzman, Danzena – Aeta Pastors | Servants Of Christ InternationalThe mission team was excellent in serving the Aeta people in N. Luzon, Philippines and has returned back to the USA safely. Enjoy this official video that summarizes all the hard work in the Name of our Lord, Jesus. Thank you for your continued support to the Aeta people of the Philippines – To God be the Glory!

2024 Mission Trip


2023 Mission Trip


2022 Mission Trip

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How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, Who proclaims peace, Who brings glad tidings of good things, Who proclaims salvation, Who says to Zion,“Your God reigns!” Isaiah 52:7

Danzena DeGuzman’s ministry works in partnership with various Aeta Pastors in N. Luzon, Philippines. Her late father, Dante Q. de Guzman was the former Chair of Immanuel Bible School located at the foot of Mt. Pinatubo, Capas, Tarlac. From the early beginning, the ministry blossomed to provide support to the Aeta Pastors, since they are at the frontline on expanding God’s Kingdom.

The program provides support for Aeta pastors and churches in the mountainous region around Mt. Pinatubo — the volcano that erupted in 1991. The Aeta people live in the mountains and have many small churches, most of whom have no funds at all to pay a pastor, and have no suitable building in which to meet.

We partner with these Churches in the Mountains as well as with the school itself and are now setting up “Servants of Christ Int’l – Philippines” to be the NGO in that nation, with a board of citizens of that nation.

2017 Mission Trip

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2018 Golf Tournament

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2018 Mission Trip

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2020 Mission Trip

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2017 Mission Trip

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Our recent 2017 mission trip to the Aeta indigenous people of Mt. Pinatubo (Tarlac & Zambales) was incredible! We ministered to several villages including projects such as drilling for water pumps, dedication of four church villages and two parsonages, baptized more than 200 people, wedding ceremony for 16 couples, chiropractic treatments to the community, hosted a conference for pastors, spouses, community & children. Please view our video below:

The DeGuzman family partners with these “Churches in the Mountains” as well as with the school itself. We have set up “Servants of Christ Int’l – Philippines” to be our NGO in that nation, with a board of citizens of that nation.

Some of the amazing projects within this program include:

  • 23 new church buildings (Flora, Davids, Jacobs, Daily Walk, and other villages)
  • 100+ goats – one pair to almost every pastor in the network
  • 90 pastors now supported with a very small stipend
  • 25 Carabao – “water buffalo” type critters who can haul a wagon filled with produce

In 2020, we started to focus on drinking water in the 50+ Aeta villages.

All of this is happening because people in the network of Servants of Christ Int’l are seeing a vision and a revival taking place before their very eyes.

In 2015, 205 people were baptized in the Saipan river in one day.


$21,600 = $20/month stipend to 90 each of theAeta pastors

$24,000 = water projects

Category Christianity / Humanitarian 
Target population Indigenous Aeta People
Asian/Pacific Islander
Children and Youth (infants – 19 years.)
Poor/Economically Disadvantaged

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