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Mosher, Brett – Deepen

Our Story

Brett Mosher founded Deepen Ministries to empower pastors, missionaries, and ministry leaders..

To Deepen their relationship with God

To Deepen their relationships with others

To Deepen their impact


Through a 12-month cohort program consisting of three retreats, monthly small groups, and bi-weekly one-on-ones, Deepen ministers to ministers, focusing on their spiritual, emotional, and relational health.

Pastors, missionaries, and ministry leaders are constantly ministering to others– but few have anyone who ministers to them.

Deepen Ministries is changing that, one pastor, one cohort at a time.

By bringing together a group of ministry leaders for a 12-month experience, Deepen provides time and space for ministers to build friendships and form a supportive community with each other. Human beings only heal, change, and grow in community– and pastors are human too.  Relationships are the key ingredient to human flourishing, and that’s why everything Deepen does is rooted in a relational context: relationship with God and relationships with fellow ministry leaders.

Through immersive retreats, close-knit small groups led by a trained facilitator, and personalized one-on-one coaching and spiritual care provided by a seasoned pastor and trained coach, Deepen meets ministers where they are– in the ups and downs of life and ministry– and gives them the support and strength they need to face challenges, explore opportunities, and thrive not only in their ministry but also in their life.


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