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Saitoti, Solomon – Masai

Our Story

My work focuses its ministry on children and youth for they are of great value, and ministry to them is strategic because they are receptive to the gospel. They are not only the next generation but agents of change for their communities today. AIC Namuncha as a ministry responds to the cry and needs of children living in abject poverty through its departments, to support these children reach their God given potential by releasing the children from abject poverty.

Namuncha community is characterized by high poverty level, high illiteracy, negative cultural beliefs and practices such as (Female Genital mutilation) FGM and early marriages especially for school-age going girls, high rate of infection of HIV/AIDS, STIs, high consumption of alcohol that leads to family separations and negligence of young children.

There is a long drought that results to nomadism of Maasai people in search of green pastures and water, this result to low turn-out in the implementation of compassion national curriculum and school drop outs and leads to poor performance in national examinations. It is also not a surprise that many households are left without a single cow or goat; this means there is food insecurity in the community. As a result, dependency ratio is so high.

The main objective of this proposed mission work is to promote child, youth and their caregivers’ physical/spiritual development in the Namuncha community by encouraging sponsors to support the work of the ministry to improve their livelihoods.


I was born in 1986 in Namuncha community grew up in the same community and later went to Ewuaso Primary school , then to Olkejuado High School and later joined Kenyatta University under the sponsorship of compassion to pursue a Bachelor of science degree. I received Christ in 2004 during a Passover celebration in our church.

I was touched by the fact that Christ died for us on the cross and that he came to the earth to die for us so that we can be saved. When I look back and see the benefit I got from compassion through sponsorship and that somebody worked for me, I feel that I should be staying in the community to give back and help others realize their goals in life as well as bringing the word of God to the unreached communities in Maasai land and training youth disciples for the advancement of the kingdom of God.

Solomon has been mentored as a missionary in Kenya but has also studied at a Discipleship Training School operated by Forge Ministries of Denver, Colorado.


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