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Elizondo, Javier – Philip Project

Our Story

“Philip began at this place in the Scriptures and explained the good news about Jesus”
(Acts 8:35, CEV).



To walk alongside followers of Jesus who work as taxi/Uber drivers that they might grow in their faith and live according to God’s purpose for their lives right where they are.


How the project works—do good to followers of the Lord (Galatians 6:10)

At present, fellow believers who do not own a car lease a car from an individual and they pay $600 dollars a month for the lease. These are the candidates to be trained in discipleship and to purchase a car from the Philip Project (PP).

The project buys a new or late model compact car in Monterrey for $10,640 dollars. The PP pays a $5,250 down payment and gets local financing for the balance. A driver is invited to participate in the PP and buy the car from the project. The PP will sell the car to the driver at cost (dealership keeps the title for the life of the loan). The driver pays a monthly payment that includes the down payment loan (no interest loan), the local financing (including interest) and insurance for the life of the loan.

Once the driver buys the car from the PP, his income will increase $300 per month. When he finishes paying the car, his income will increase another $300. The driver will pay off the car in 48 months. The down payment that was loaned to the driver by the project has been paid, the driver gets his car title, and the project is ready to loan the down payment again to another driver.


Discipling goal:

Disciple 50 family units (of taxi/Uber drivers) in the first three years.


Doing good goal:

Provide the down payment for 24 cars that can be sold to our brothers in Christ in Monterrey in the first three years of the project.

This is a three year-project, our advisory council and leadership team will evaluate the results every year. At the end of the second year, we will determine if we will extend it for one or more years.


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