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Platero, Trasi

Our Story

Living Water, Living Light

Trasi Platero ministers to Native Americans in Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico – in the four corners area on a reservation where she has many relationships, having lived there as a child.

When with the people, she is able to encourage them, teach, train, make disciples and also to share the love of Christ with new people.

Trasi also travels to Africa (and other places) on short term mission trips.

CategoryReligion – Christianity
Target populationCrime/ Abuse Victims
Ethnic/Racial Minorities – General
Female Aging/Elderly/Senior Citizens
Native American/American Indian
Substance Abusers (Drug/Alcohol Abusers)

Definition of short-term success

Since 2009, Trasi has been annually traveling to the four corners area and done ministry throughout the reservation multiple times. Ministry includes Back to School Backpack Drives, Vacation Bible School, homeless and nursing home outreach, meals, discipleship, and community construction projects.

Trasi has ongoing trips to Kenya, having traveled to Bungoma, Busia, Sultan Hamud, Nairobi, and surrounding communities. The trip to Bungoma, Kenya in August 2014 was successful as many water filtration systems were supplied to highly populated schools and church communities, and many mosquito nets preventing malaria were distributed, a variety of school supplies were distributed, along with hand-sewn dresses and undergarments for girls, and soccer balls; discipleship, hut to hut evangelism, and encouragement and the love of Jesus widely shared. Plans and preparations (and support raising!) are being accomplished now for the next trip to Kenya.

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Definition of long-term success

People come to a personal relationship with their God and His Son Jesus Christ. Ideally, we will see the spiritual growth in these people as we minister to them and spend time with them year after year after year.

Program success monitored by

By going to the same places each year, the relationships are renewed and their spiritual progress is evaluated through time spent together. Often we minister through the same local churches so that the people can have ongoing support and we can receive occasional updates.

Examples or evidence of program success

Every time Trasi returns, the people are glad to see her and the relationships seem to pick up right where they left off. Without exception the people want her to return, and more often.

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