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FOLLOW — Aaron and Kimberly

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FOLLOW — Aaron and Kimberly

Through a social enterprise partnership and other ministry partnerships, Aaron and Kimberly engage with both believers and nonbelievers, seeking to build deep discipleship relationships. In those relationships their vision is to help each person on their journey to find and follow Jesus. They are able to encourage and come alongside believers to strengthen and assist them as they seek to grow disciples from their friends, family and neighbors.

The people they live among are lost in the darkness, living in fear of the spiritual realm with no certainty of salvation. Aaron and Kimberly seek to introduce them to a loving God, their Abba, Father, bringing them into the family as Children of God and restoring them to a place of honor. The hope is that they would become peacemakers, forgiven and forgiving, bringing blessing to their people. Aaron and Kimberly believe that a multiplying discipleship movement in this people group will transform not just individual people, but their families, communities and nations to become a light into the darkness of Central Asia.


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