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Young, Amy – Global Trellis

Our Story

Amy Young – Global Trellis

Amy is an experienced cross-cultural worker for the gospel including teaching English in Asia, providing Member Care for hundreds, and starting a cutting edge online community for women serving cross-culturally.

From 2013-2018 she helped found Velvet Ashes. After building it up to a thriving ministry, God lead her to hand off the leadership and move on as founder of Global Trellis to provide on-going training to cross-cultural workers.

She is continuing her writing (four books for Missionaries to date), speaking, counseling, and mentoring those in ministry with most of her time invested in Global Trellis.

This effort provides another layer of member care for cross-cultural workers in ministry around the world.

CategoryReligion – Christianity
Target populationAdults

Definition of short-term success

In 2019 launch Global Trellis. If there are two blog posts a week and one workshop a month, that will be the measure of success.

Definition of long-term success

Amy’s writing and public speaking as well as one-on-one endeavors and meetings with groups of Asians will continue. Her book “Looming Transitions” will continue to inform and guide the larger community of cross-cultural workers. Through Global Trellis, she endeavors to prepare people for the field, to support them while on the field, and to walk alongside them during the re-entry transition to their home countries. Long-term success involves many years.

Program success monitored by

Amy is in frequent touch with board of directors who live in Denver.

Examples or evidence of program success

She is finding opportunities to serve, write, speak, counsel, and minister! Thankfully, Velvet Ashes grew to the point she could hand leadership off to a few key leaders and the teams of more than 60 volunteers she had established. With VA thriving, she is able to focus on the next level of cross-cultural care needed, on-going training for M’s right where they are. Amy is a regular contributor to A Life Overseas (also for cross-cultural workers) and China Source (A Christian resource for those interested in working with Chinese).


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