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Nell, Priscilla – South Africa

Our Story

Children of Hope –  South Africa

Children of Hope has been a Servants of Christ Program since 1996, led by Judy Moreland, who has retired and moved back to the states. Some of the support Judy received over the years was used to pay Priscilla Nell’s salary. Priscilla is featured in many of Judy’s newsletters and is highly regarded. Judy has augmented her own support and says she will continue to do so.

The hope is that the supporters of Children of Hope during Judy’s years will continue. We heartily endorse this plan, this ministry has led hundreds of children to Christ through Children of Hope and its missions to various tribal and ethnic groups in the area.

Priscilla’s Mission – In Her Own Words

I have a passion to serve the Lord and bring people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. I work mainly with children, the future generation. Jesus loved the little children and wherever He went, He showed love. I simply want to spread His love around wherever I go. Jesus did not come to be served, but to serve. I have been serving Him for almost 16 years.

Our children have been coming to Children of Hope and bringing other children with them. Through this ministry, we have an abundant number of prospects – we are raising them up to be leaders of their generation.

Starting bible studies with these children and having them do a “scripture exam” through the Baptist Mission of South Africa – it is like graduation for them.

The hope is that the supporters of Children of Hope during Judy’s years will continue for Priscilla.

Priscilla’s Story

In 2003, I lost my job. I was a Hindu and did all kinds of rituals and took vows. In spite of all that, I felt depressed and suicidal, very alone and empty. I was a single parent with one child, which was very difficult. My mother (also a Hindu) took me to various temples to get help, but all failed. In December of that year, 2003, I was lying down on the bed and I heard a voice in my head say, “Get up and go to church.”

I got up and told my Mom “I am going to the church of the Christians” and I went the next day. At this church, over time, I accepted Jesus into my life. The pastor prayed over me and I fell to the floor! I actually felt the spirits leave my body and suddenly I felt at peace. Then I met Judy Moreland – she had heard that I was a new believer but no one was discipling me. She invited me to her home and taught me who Jesus is and what the Christian faith is all about.


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