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Ellis, Matt – Strength in Hope

Our Story

Strength in Hope

“Strength in Hope” ….because when we can offer someone hope, they will find the strength to carry on.

Our heart is to offer hope to our frontline workers. As you may know, COVID restrictions have been hard on our missionaries and pastors. The November 12, 2021 edition of the Wall Street Journal reports a drop in church attendance by 30-50%. This has been very hard on pastors. Missionaries have found themselves stuck away from their ministries and loved ones because of COVID lockdowns. The economic downturn caused by COVID has left missionaries with a fraction of the financial support they had pre-COVID. Frontline workers need our prayers and support. When we offer hope, they find the strength to carry on.

How Strength in Hope Helps

We have partnered with “Servants of Christ International” to care for over 50 missionaries. When we connect with these missionaries we ask; How can we help? Sometimes they just need someone to listen, other times they may need help with building projects or other physical needs.

Together we can help!

Examples of how we help:
Pastor’s training in Malawi – Fall 2022
Preaching Class for Inner City Pastors in Denver – Spring 2022
Building project / Family Missions Trip to Puerto Rico – June 2022
Provide fill-in preaching for Pastors who need a week off.
Teaching Congregations how to love their Pastor well.
Provide Coaching to Missionaries and Pastors


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