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Bob Cubbage – Gospel for Ukraine

The WAR in Ukraine is destructive to every citizen in that nation. Servants of Christ International is standing with Ukraine.

We personally know believers in Ukraine who are suffering and “off work” due to the devastation. They need modest amounts of money to buy groceries, medicine, and clothing for their children. Donations will be used to purchase these items, which churches we know and trust will distribute through their channels.

Bob has visited Ukraine five times, three which were mission trips. “The Ukraine people live very simple lives and are kind and loving. They have always made me feel welcome. I planned to visit to the churches and people I know the summers of 2020 and 2021 but the COVID pandemic prevented my trips. With the attacks on Ukraine, many citizens are forced to leave their war-torn towns and travel west to Poland.”

We welcome your tax deductible donations of any amount to purchase Bibles, food, medicine, and additional supplies. May God bless you for your generosity and may God bless and protect the people of Ukraine.

They are refugees within their own country. Please help these suffering people.

Refugees Church
Refugees at local church in western Ukraine.
Border Crossing
Border crossing in Poland helping Ukraine refugees.
Refugees Dinner
Well deserved dinner at refugee camp.
Women Refugees Shelter
Stepan shared the Gospel with two women from Kharkiv, which has had the most bombardment. They have been sleeping in a shopping center with 150 others.
Busses Ready Help


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