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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs FOr our Nonprofit Missionary Fundraising and
Charitable Giving Administration

Missionary FAQs

Yes! While we vet all applications and accept ones that meet our criteria, a dedicated home church is not necessary for approval. 

Yes! We provide both financial and administrative resources for missionaries. 

For resources on mission funding, you can check out our blog or contact our team with any specific questions. 
Yes! SOCI does not serve full-time, professional missionaries. Instead, they serve all the” others” like short-term, part-time missionary-type workers.
Our process is quick, simple and missionaries are often approved within two weeks of receiving the application.

No. Servants of Christ International are nondenominational “Great Commission” Christians.

Support can include donations, prayer requests, and more. You can learn more about fundraising efforts and ask for support by visiting our blog. 

Donor FAQs

We provide a channel for giving to believers, donors, short-term and part-time missionary-type workers serving Christ globally through our ACTS108 501(c)3 program. 

Each missionary organizes and maintains an “accountability council” that can contact SOCI if and when an issue arises.

Yes, since 1983, and we are a Colorado nonprofit corporation. Our EIN is 75-2243617.

Yes! Contributions qualify for a tax receipt unless they come anonymously, from a DAF, or another 501(c)3 entity.

We accept checks mailed to our office (with a program name on the memo line or a post-it note) or online gifts through our website, allowing designations.

We do accept funds to be used “as needed” and these normally go to one of the Orphan Homes we support.

Funds are transferred to our programs either promptly or at the end of the month, depending on the program’s request. 
If you give by check, yes. You will receive a paper receipt from us. If you give online, you will immediately receive a receipt in your email inbox, which you can hold onto for tax purposes. 

If you require a copy of your original receipt, please contact our office by email.

Absolutely. We have no master mailing list and would not solicit any requests for programs other than the one you support. We do not release your personal information to anyone other than what is required by law.

Yes, we have a brokerage account with Edward Jones. Contact the office for details on how to make a stock donation.


No. This is because we have no employees, and all missionaries are independent contractors with SOCI.

What We Do

SOCI partners with missionary ministries who minister Christ’s love, mercy, and saving grace to those worldwide under our ACTS108 501(c)3 program. While we don’t directly send missionaries out into the field, we provide our financial administrative expertise that helps mitigate the challenges of mission work where it is needed most. 

Donate Today!

Our vision is that Servants of Christ International be a place to give with confidence, knowing that your charitable contributions would be channeled to the right ministry or ministries. When you know that your financial contributions directly impact the community, you can give freely and follow God’s lead. 

Every dollar and incoming donation we receive goes towards missionaries in need of financial funding and spreading the Word of God because we understand the challenges of mission work.

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Hear from our Missionaries

“Servants of Christ International is an amazing organization! I am honored to be able to lead a program through this nonprofit. SOCI has provided a platform for me to grow as a leader while pouring into me as I gain the knowledge I need to move my own program forward effectively. I highly recommend them!”
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  • How to design attractive emails, social media posts, and more!
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