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Fundraising Starter Kit
For Missionaries

If you are a missionary, fundraising efforts is an essential part of
your work. While there are plenty of fundraising tools and
materials out there, it is crucial to ensure that the materials
you create will be helpful and appealing to potential donors
and churches.

The Fundraising Starter Kit can help you build relationships with your donors and churches and gives you some tips on reaching out and inviting people to join you on your mission.

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The Kit also provides information on:

  • How to stay connected with donors and supporters while in the mission field
  • What topics to address in your letters and emails
  • How to approach new Churches
  • How to keep in contact on a regular basis even after they’ve given.
  • How to design attractive emails, social media posts, and more!

The fundraising process can seem challenging, but you’re not alone. The following fundraising starter kit is all you need to raise support for your ministry. Our goal is to help you reach your fundraising goals so you can give 100% of yourself to your mission. Thankfully, with the help of the following tools and resources, it’s easier than ever to meet those needs.

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See what others have to say

“Thank you for the book, I found it excellent and helpful. These are super handy as reminders of the major points you would want to share with someone who doesn’t know the Gospel.”

– Pastor David Bryan, from Canada

“This book is encouraging me to get deeper into my Faith and the truth of the gospel and how a disciple contemplates every part behind it with bible passages that the author uses.”

– Brother Elton Frank, from the Philippines

“This is a great book! Will make one think and ponder but also encourage you to get outside of the walls of the church and share your faith. I recommend all Christians to read this book.”

– Steven Valentino, from Norway

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