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Tillapaugh, Frank – Guatemala

Our Story

Guatemalan Smiles

Hope Inspires Goodness to Reveal Itself

Guatemalan Smiles was inspired by Lis, a friend who complained of a tooth ache but she didn’t have money for a dentist. We told her to fix the tooth and the dental exam revealed 14 cavities! Unfortunately that is typical here, dental care is a luxury that most people can’t afford. Since I only have 5 natural teeth left I know the impact that lack of dental care can have on someone’s quality of life.

Guatemalan Smiles connects people in need of dental care to dentists. Exams cost $20 and fillings cost $20, 100% of your donation goes to the Guatemalan Smiles project. Once people have their teeth fixed they will be encouraged to have an annual check up that Guatemalan Smiles will pay for. Dental teams that come here seldom bring the equipment needed to do fillings Instead they pull hundreds of teeth. Working together we can do better.

You are encouraged to write a short message of hope for us to share with the people you are helping. If you are unable to write in Spanish we will translate. Guatemalan Smiles is a Covid-era short term missions ministry.

Frank and Dora are self supporting through Frank’s retirement and Dora’s Spanish Language School.| Tillapaugh, Frank – Guatemala | Servants Of Christ International

Our friend, Lis, who inspired Guatemalan Smiles, which helps people in need of dental care.

| Tillapaugh, Frank – Guatemala | Servants Of Christ International
| Tillapaugh, Frank – Guatemala | Servants Of Christ International


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