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It can be easy to feel like you’re solo on your mission and removed from your supporters as a missionary. But your supporters are there to do just that – support you! Staying connected to those who financially support you, pray for you every day, and those who support your work in other ways is very necessary, both for you and for them. 

Your supporters want to know what you’re doing and how your mission is going. Staying in touch with them also gives you a sense of connection, community, and support. So how do you stay connected as your travels and work keep you busier than ever? We have some ideas for you!

Connect with Supporters on Social Media

Connecting on social media is an easy way to make your supporters feel connected and involved without having to monopolize your time. While you don’t have to write to every person weekly, providing weekly updates on your social media pages is a wonderful way to stay connected. 

You can start by creating a Facebook or Instagram account to share updates and ways to support you. Share photos, videos, letters, short blurbs, and more to loop others into your work and life. You can also call our supporters, thank those who follow you, share your family devotions, and more. Be creative and share from your heart. 

Start a Web Page for Updates

Social media is great for quick updates, but your blog or web page allows you to share more in-depth information and longer updates. Unless you’re doing work that can’t be publicized, you should keep a personal blog or website that serves as a “one-stop-shop” for anyone who wants to find out more about you and your ministry.

While social media has guidelines and their terms of service are constantly changing, a blog or webpage is all your own – to say what you want on your own terms. A web page is also far more permanent and reliable than social media. 

If you’re unsure where to start when it comes to a website or blog, you can learn more about our program that helps you set this up here! 

Writing A Meaningful Newsletter

Starting a newsletter is a simple way to ensure your updates don’t get missed by your supporters. Unlike social media and website updates, a newsletter goes directly to those who sign up’s email inbox. 

There are plenty of free tools you can use to start your newsletter. Email marketing platforms like Mailchimp are a great place to start, and you can create custom graphics and updates with free templates like Canva

In addition to a written newsletter with updates, you can send video newsletters or commit to quarterly newsletters if monthly or more frequently sounds like too much for you to manage. 

Call your Supporters

We know that you don’t always have spare time while you’re out in the field. But if you do, calling your supporters can mean so much more than you think. This is a very special way to connect personally with those who care about your work and mission. 

In addition to traditional phone calls (which aren’t always practical financially), you can use video tools like Skype or Facebook Messenger to call your supporters for free. We encourage you to set a goal to call a certain number of supporters each week or month and try to stick with it. Not only will it make their day to hear from you, but we think your cup will be filled up, too. 

Share a Piece of Your Ministry 

You have unique insight into a culture that might be unfamiliar to your supporters, so include them as much as you can. You can give greater context to your ministry by sharing glimpses into this new culture with your partners. By sharing this culture you’re now immersed in, you can both thank your supporters and encourage them to continue praying for the work you’re doing. 

Ask For Prayer

This is always an ongoing topic. Ask for prayer regularly in every stage of your missionary work. Prayer is a freeway that everyone can get involved and participate in supporting your ministry. 

When you ask for donors in prayer in your newsletters or social media, be personal and ask for specific ways supporters can pray for you and your work. You can also include prayer requests and praise reports in your various ways of connecting with your people. 

Thank Your Partners

Thanking your supporters never goes out of style. Their prayers, support, donations, and more allow you to do the work you’re doing. Let them know how much it means to you. In every aspect of your connection with supporters, be sure to include a little thank you. 

While making and maintaining deep relationships with your supporters can take some work, it is well worth it on all sides. We encourage you to explore these options and find what works best for you. Stay connected, give updates, and thank those who choose to support you. 

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