5 Core Values for Anyone Raising Funds as a Missionary

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This article is designed for those who believe that God has called them to serve in missions, either part-time or full-time, and either in the USA or abroad.  As the term “missionary” comes from the Latin translation of the Greek “apostello,” meaning, “I send out for a purpose”  the missionary is not “one who goes” […]

6 Steps to Approaching Churches and Pastors For Missionary Support

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As a missionary, gaining support from anyone in your sphere is integral to the success of your fundraising efforts in your mission field. From financial donations to prayers and more, having churches and pastors as ministry partners for your mission is necessary.  How do you do that? Simply put, you make connections, cultivate relationships, and […]

How to Stay Connected to Your Missionary Supporters

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It can be easy to feel like you’re solo on your mission and removed from your supporters as a missionary. But your supporters are there to do just that – support you! Staying connected to those who financially support you, pray for you every day, and those who support your work in other ways is […]